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Great Note Taking Simplifies Everything!

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My name is Avraham Goldhar and if you find studying stressful, time consuming and often unsuccessful, then chances are no one trained you how to take great notes.

Note taking is the #1 skill you need for school. You take notes every day when you’re in class, when you tackle textbooks, when you organize presentations and of course, when you study and need to remember material for exams. If you haven’t mastered the skill, then everything  suffers.

I know how critical note taking is because I use note taking professionally to write and teach Crash Courses. I constantly need to learn and master a lot of new material in a short amount of of time, and my note taking method is the fastest and easiest way to do that. 

School doesn’t need to be stressful. I’ve taught thousands students how to use my method to get better grades with less study time, and eliminate so much of the unnecessary pressure.

You can do the same.  I guarantee you’ll discover a whole new degree of confidence and control with your school work when you learn my method. 

There really is a faster, easier way.

  • Clarify Material as You Learn

    Learn how to take notes that are clear and to the point and reduce the number of notes you need to study from.

  • Eliminate Textbook Intimidation

    Avoid textbook traps that confuse and overwhelm you and walk away with perfect notes after reading a chapter only once. 

  • Streamline How You Study

    Make studying easy and systematic by integrating note taking into all the study skills.

  • Control the Learning Process

    Walk into any class with a note taking system that adapts how teachers teach to the way you learn best.

You’ll Learn Step-by-Step How to Take Notes That Are Easy to Review and Remember in My New Online Course!

Module 1
Note Taking & Memory Basics

  • The Goldhar formula for writing notes that are easy to review and remember
  • The 3 major parts of every good note
  • 10 guidelines to eliminate cluttered notes
  • How to maximize your ability to visualize your notes

Module 2
How to Tackle Textbooks

  • 5 reasons textbooks are more difficult to read than any other book
  • The 4 steps to mapping out a chapter
  • “Textbook Traps” that make paragraphs unnecessarily confusing
  • How to walk away with great notes after reading a chapter only once
  • How to use note taking to master chapters, units and remember entire textbooks

Module 3
Taking Clear Notes in Class

  • How to sharpen your focus with 3 key “Listening Targets”
  • How to successfully break the habit of writing down every word (yes, you can do it)
  • How to adapt your note taking for teachers that aren’t clear or disorganized
  • How to deal with teachers that speak too fast
  • How to use note taking to clarify what’s unclear and communicate with confidence

Module 4
Stress Free Test Prep

  • 4 powerful techniques that speed up your review
  • How to review your notes so their completely organized in your mind
  • 3 “Test Taking Therapy” sessions so you don’t psyche yourself out during exams
  • How to start studying when it’s the last thing you feel like doing
  • A simple way to know you’re 100% clear and ready for your exam

Works in All Subjects and with All Kinds of Teachers!

Some Frequently Asked Questions.

  • 1

    What Kind of Student is Your System For?

    It’s for any student that wants a faster and easier way to succeed in school. I’ve trained thousands of stressed out over achievers who thought late nights and constant stress was the only recipe for success. And I’ve trained thousands of students who were convinced that they couldn’t get top grades and fare well in school. I’ve trained whole schools and faculties in my method because it’s helpful to everyone.

  • 2

    Will it help a student who isn't good at listening in class?

    Absolutely. Chances are you were never extensively trained on how to become a sharp listener. You’ll get that training in this course. The mistake people make is they think they have to be good listener to take great notes. In my system it’s the opposite. Knowing the key to great note taking is going to help you become a better listener.

  • 3

    Will your system make a difference for students that don't have a good memory?

    It will help tremendously. Most notes students take or borrow extremely difficult to remember. They’re packed with material written in a while that isn’t conducive to memory. My system is all based on mental efficiency and the way our brains organize and store what we learn. You’ll see for yourself how much easier it is remember what you learn and have the confidence to go into tests with the material at your fingertips.

  • 4

    Will it help a student who is a poor test taker?

    I’ve seen thousands of “poor test takers” become “excellent test takers” with my system. The first reason students don’t fare well with tests is that it’s difficult to think under pressure. The second reason which is really the larger cause is that many students don’t have the material well organized in their mind. So it’s much harder to find when they’re under stress. You’re going to learn how to organize your mind which is the most powerful way to succeed in school.

  • 5

    At what age can someone start learning your system?

    As soon as a student starts to take notes is when they should learn my system. I’ve taught college students and leading researchers for Fortune 500 companies how to use my system. I’ve also taught thousands of high school and middle school students to do the same. This video course that I’m currently offering is geared for college and high school students. I’m planning to produce the video course for middle school students as well.

What Former Students Say:

“I was a notorious note taker. I wrote down EVERY WORD the teacher said and spent endless hours studying. I thought I was doing it right since everybody borrowed my notes. Not anymore. The Goldhar Method is so much easier. I literally have half the amount of notes and there so much easier to remember.” Rachel, Psychology Student
“I was totally unprepared for college, especially when it came to note taking. In High School I always borrowed notes. I took the Goldhar Course and it was really the first time that studying actually made sense to me. I’ve used it ever since and my grades are the best I’ve ever gotten.” Lee, Freshman, College
“Before I took the Goldhar Course course it never seemed to matter how much I tried, my grades were always average. But after I learned how to take notes and learn his way, I started getting A’s. I’m not scared of tests anymore. I really know the material.” Denise, Freshman, College
“If it weren’t for the Goldhar method I don’t think I would have survived my first year of medical school. I was hit with an avalanche of material in every textbook. It was only when I took the Goldhar course that I learned there was a very clear and effective way to break down all the material so I could really know it, instead of just cramming it in.” Leon, Medical Student

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